Mega Sale on Unity Asset Store

Voxels for Unity is currently reduced in price by 25% as being part of a sale in the Asset Store for the first time. You can also check out a lot of other offers until December, 8th by clicking on the image:

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Voxels for Unity: Version 1.1

An update for my Unity plug-in has just been released at the Asset Store. It took me much more time to get a collection of new features and useful enhancements, which are worth to be published, than I had originally planned. Here are the key ones:

Voxels for Unity 1.1

  • Adaption to Unity 5.6 and 2017
  • Better results using PBR (physical based rendering) and HDR (high dynamic range)
  • Two fully working file exporter examples added: PLY (common point cloud format) and VOX (MagicaVoxel editor format)
  • Rasterizer enhanced by supersampling and multithreading options
  • API enhancement: Callback parameter to inform the executing script about the creation of new game objects
  • API extension: New class to decrease number of resulting materials in a processor to given amount
  • Multi-textured terrain included into the example scene
  • Bug fixes for minor issues

If you are interested in acquiring the extension to convert common Unity assets into Voxel objects or files, you can use the following link:

But if you have already purchased it or want to have a look into the manual before, here is the updated version:


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