The fall of “LightBrain” was the rise of “Media Seasons”

Right after “BomberFun”, which was completely financed by “LightBrain” and its holding company “agens Consulting“, the development of a new game was started. We produced a prototype, which should help an agency to find a publisher for the game. That time the publisher would have to pay the bills. Unfortunately the agency was unable to locate such a publisher and “LightBrain” started to run out of money. They had to quit co-operation with the artists under the direction of Steffen Kleinke and reduce the amount of money they could spend on me. As a last resort they returned to “BomberFun”.
There was a chance to adapt the game for an arcade machine called “FlexArcade“. My scope of duties increased, so I did most of the programming and we got a really working system. But a few weeks later “TLC Industries” placed a lot of obligatory features we should also add. Because it was not declared before we didn’t do it and “TLC Industries” never published a “BomberFun” game pack.

BomberFun Tournament BomberFun Tournament BomberFun Tournament BomberFun Tournament

But “LightBrain” still was not capitulating… not yet. We started to enhance the game by a lot of features like multi-player game modes, GameSpy support and a better graphics engine. After that the game had been republished using the title “Bomberfun Tournament“. However the streak of bad luck continued and the product did not even reached the attention of the first one. In my opinion the largest mistake was the lack of new graphics or at least new levels.
The manager of “LightBrain” returned completely to its other company called “TOP TECHNOLOGIES CONSULTING” and the remaining employees had to follow him. I was the only survivor and should try a new way: advertising games. First I had to create a video trailer, which was a perfect task for me. But I should also make acquisitions afterwards and that was never what I wanted to do. My work for “LightBrain” ended and the company was practically not existing anymore.

Some month before a new co-operation between Steffen Kleinke and me was born: “Media Seasons“. He is Managing Director, also responsible for the art pipeline and I became Development Director. My domains are programming, being the link between art and technics and preparing products for release. The end of my engagement at “LightBrain” represented the beginning of “Media Seasons” growth.