I am back, again!

After nearly one year without any new post this blog is being revived. The last months has been very stressful for me both job-related and personal.

We (Media Seasons) developed a new version of the TigerHeart engine including core, 3d graphics, GUI, scripting and runtime functionality. Beside the scripting part everything else has been built from scratch. And also a new TV analysis tool for soccer, which based on the recent TigerHeart engine, was evolving. Major improvements compared to the old one are support for animated scenes, HD output and drawing elements.

There is also an unannounced soccer project, which will soon result in the first product.

The third project is a consumer driving simulator, which should be published this Christmas season. And last but not least there is also a real game under way. It is a casual one, programmed using XNA, and based on a popular board game.

More information will come later…