After my first game “FutureTrade” had been published I started to learn 3D programming, which was a wise decision because I needed it for my first commercial graphics engine some month later. It was developed for “BomberFun” and also used for a winter sports game called “Winterspiele 2002” and its successor “WinterSports Extreme“. But in the development time I began to realize that the design was not very good. Even it was object-orientated it was made up of one giant class for the game and one giant derivation for the editor. The engine was fast but inflexible especially using shaders and it was no real fun to program with it.

Early in 2002 I started the planning of a new engine. It should be really object-orientated, perform more common tasks than only graphics and be nice to use. The design was adopted from “Microsoft DirectX” because I love how the objects live up to their names. I started the implementation after “BomberFun” was finished and a new project was started in late summer and named the project “TigerHeart” because it is a good name for an engine.
The base of the system is the main engine, which is responsible for object management like COM but platform-independent, loading extension libraries like a plug-in and data storage and access. Meanwhile some extensions have gathered but the first and most important is the 3D engine using “Direct3D“. Different from the previous one there are a lot of classes for the various functions and attributes: renderers (frames, bodies, meshes), states (textures, materials, shaders), animation data (animations, sets, blenders) and some more. They are used to build a hierarchy, which can be processed or rendered with one command.
Next I created an extension for scripting and one derivation for “Lua” support. It is completely independent from the 3D engine but can be combined with it smoothly because of the “TigerHeart” design. There is the possibility to add support for another language, which is applicable immediately without the need for a change of the target program. But up to now there was no demand for it.

TigerHeart sample TigerHeart sample TigerHeart sample

For our bowling, card and air hockey games I implemented a compilation of class, which were based on the “TigerHeart” engine. But they were not flexible enough and not clearly separated from the games themselves. So I started to implement a game engine base as an extension library for the main engine at the beginning of 2005. It handles initialization, standard scene management, script access, multi-threaded loading, some user interface functions, console support for development, input processing and sound output.
The first use was for “Uli Stein – Summer Games” and later for “Balko”. We also developed our broadcast applications for the “Four Hills Tournament” 2005/06 and “tvVAT3D” as an add-on for it.

TigerHeart sample

Every now and then there a some design issues and some missing features, for which time was lacking. But we still currently use the “TigerHeart” engine and extensions for the development of a casual game selection. Anyway the planning phase of the second version has just begun and I will use this weblog to keep you informed. Maybe that would help you to design an engine or maybe there are times when you are able to help me in difficult situations.