You are German. So why isn’t your blog?

The language of this weblog has not been an easy decision for me. I thought about English, German or a bilingual version.
The last option I discarded soon because it would take to much of my spare time. So I could make a German blog because I am living and working in Germany and a lot of information, which will be communicated here, is related to that fact. But I am developing software for the international market and for this reason there will be many topics, which are attractive to Non-German speaking people, too.
I do not think that a lot of visitors here will come from USA or Great Britain but I could image that there are people from Eastern Europe, who have got concerns in Germany for example. Most of them would not be able to read my weblog, if it would be presented in German. So I chose the international standard language.

You can tell me if it was the right decision. And when you do I would be pleased to also know the country and city you are watching from. Thanks!